Original goal statement

          The realm of education and its incredible potential to transform lives and generations has always fascinated me. Education leads to awareness and awareness leads to revolutions, which have the potential to change the course of history. No aspect of our lives or society is ever untouched by education, and so education is a wholesome solution for abating the prevalent evils of poverty, crime, and unemployment. Through technological advances over the last couple of decades, the field of education has undergone a major metamorphosis. Computers, laptops, audio-visual tools, webcasting, teleconferencing, etc. has changed the way education is imparted and achieved. Instructional technology is a revolutionary concept that is slowly engulfing the teaching domain. A varied mix of teaching tools like audio-visual equipment and innovative approaches makes learning easier and aids retention of knowledge. Instructional technology crosses the barriers of time and place and makes education available to those even in the remotest parts of the world through Internet, web cams, and webcasts.

            Being a lecturer myself at the University of Jazan, Saudi Arabia and having an Information Technology background, I am aware that the application of technology in education and further research in the domain of instructional technology can produce far-reaching benefits for society. It can make learning much more effective and accessible, for example. When I completed my BA in Computer Education and scored a GPA of 4.47 out of 5, I was convinced that I not only had a passion for technology but also had the capacity to deliver outstanding results in the field of information technology. Moreover, I have an inclination for research and wanted to further explore the domain of computer technology and enhance and expand my knowledge and skills in that area. I therefore pursued the MA program in Software Engineering from Wollongong University, Australia from 2008-2010. After completion of the MA program, I took up job as a lecturer at the University of Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

            Throughout the course of my employment as a lecturer, I have been passionate about applying the merits of technology to the discipline of education. I constantly made sincere efforts to make the dissemination of knowledge as effective and interesting as possible by employing a myriad of educational tools and techniques. This practice inspired in me the desire to further pursue education and research in the field of instructional technology, as I was aware there was still much to be learned and explored in this interesting field. I was overjoyed when I learnt that the Saudi government had allotted me a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Instructional Technology in the United States. What was particularly enthralling was the knowledge that I would be able to pursue this degree in the land of huge technological expertise and path-breaking innovations. This PhD program will not only help me advance my skills in instructional technology but also help me to undertake exhaustive research on the subject, which I feel will contribute immeasurably towards developing my faculty and knowledge on the topic.

            I believe I have the passion and the inclination to pursue the PhD program. I have the necessary background and knowledge, and my experience as an instructor has given me a deeper understanding of and insight into the subject of instructional technology. My graduation and post-graduation programs have provided me with a strong foundation in the domain of information technology, which is a critical aspect in developing instructional technology. Furthermore, I have excellent analytical and problem solving skills, which I believe will aid me in developing a comprehensive outlook with regards to problem areas and the need to develop solutions for those areas of concern during the course of my study. I believe my educational background and work experience have prepared me for such an ambitious program.

            I want to advance my career in research in the field of knowledge management for the education sector, and this PhD program offers exactly the kind of footing I require to advance in such a career. This program would help me build an essential knowledge base and develop a greater aptitude for research. The U.S. is a highly advanced nation, and the educational institutes here have enormous resources and expertise, which shall benefit me immensely in my PhD program. In addition, obtaining a PhD from such a distinguished institute in the U.S. will improve my chances of acceptance at leading organizations and institutes that I seek to join to conduct further research work.

            I seek the opportunity to participate in the PhD program of Learning Technologies Design Research from George Mason University. I am confident that I will be mentored and guided efficiently for the PhD study by your eminent faculty, and I will exert my best effort to live up to the standards of the institute by delivering an impressive thesis. I am hopeful that due consideration shall be given to my academic and professional record while judging my merit for admission.

Ahmad Almufarreh

University of Jazan – College of Education

Saudi Arabia

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