Updated Vitae

Ahmad Almufarreh

3007 Saint Regents Dr, Fairfax, 22031 VA

571-331-7909 | aalmufar@masonlive.gmu.edu


  • PhD in Learning Technologies Design Research, George Mason University, USA, 2014 – Present.
  • MA in Software Engineering, University of Wollongong, Australia, 2009- 2010.
  • BA in Education in the field of computer, GPA 4.47, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia, 2007.


  • Academic Skills, 3/2008 to 8/2008, Wollongong College, Australia.
  • English for Tertiary Studies, 8/2008 to 10/2008, Wollongong College, Australia.
  • Academic Studies, 1/2009 to 2/2009, Wollongong College, Australia.
  • Excellence in Postgraduate Studies Challenges and Solutions, Riyadh, SA, 2009


  • International Exhibition & Conference of Higher Education, Riyadh SA, 2011
  • International Exhibition & Conference of Higher Education, Riyadh SA, 2013
  • Research Skill Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: From Idea to Outcome, Jazan, SA, 2013


  • Large-scale system fundamentals; Enterprise Server Hardware, Enterprise
  • Desktop Hardware, Enterprise Storage.
  • SQL Server and MS Administration and Programming.
  • Understanding of general system design and project management processes.
  • Problem solving, System diagnostics and analysis of systems.
  • Good programming skills (e.g. Java, asp, and HTML).
  • Good desktop skills (e.g. Word, Excel, E-mail, Version control systems).
  • Image manipulation (e.g. Adobe Photoshop and, Visio).
  • Graphic Design (e.g. Adobe illustrator)
  • Compose professional technical documentations and presentation.
  • Excellent Arabic & English Communication skills.
  • Knowledge of usability testing principles and methods.
  • SPSS


  • Ability to study, create, use, and manage technology-based learning processes and resources based on theories and models of instructional system design.
  • Having a marked ability and research skills in the field of instructional system design.
  • Deep understanding of teaching styles, learning process, and the use of educational technologies.
  • Ability to work effectively, productively, and professionally with individuals with different characteristics on a variety of dimensions.
  • Ability to engage with and conduct original research in the field educational technology.


  • Business Process Management.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Service oriented – Software Engineering.
  • Software Engineering Requirements and Specifications.
  • Mobile learning.
  • Learning theories.


  • 2014 – Present   Jazan University. Full scholarship for PhD degree.
  • 2008 – 2010     King Abdullah Scholarship program. Full scholarship for MA Degree.


  • A software Engineer at Qariaty IT group from Mar 2005 to Jun 2008.

Worked with a team of highly motivated IT professionals to deliver complex solutions to specific problems. Deeply involved in all stages of software development including designing, implementation and maintaining of software to support various client’s products and services.

  • An instructor at University of Jazan SA from 2011 to present.

Over three years of experience training and teaching adults, including online classes, using multiple technologies like Black Board to design and deliver courses and curriculums. During this period, I implemented, and developed multiple classes on subjects like: Educational Technologies, and Computer Applications in Education. In addition, I implemented various creative methods using new technologies such as mobile technologies in order to enhance the learning experiences of the students.


  • Building robots.
  • Website designing.
  • Mobile Apps designing.

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